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Revenue Collection Management Services

Cashier Monitoring

Offer efficient daily counter monitoring services at all clients premises while cashiers collect cash from customers, sort, process and deposit the cash in the bank on the same day.


Cash Transportation

Perform periodic cash office diagnostic on the cash movement process, identify risks and flaws and recommend alternatives to improve cash movement system and safety.

Cash Security

The security of each cash office will be rated periodically while also identifying missing equipment that are required to ensure proper functioning.

Encourage Alternative Channels of Payment

Actively partake in a systematic awareness campaign to ensure all customers are aware of all alternative payment channels to reduce cash handling and enhance revenue assurance.


Provide standardized reporting on collections across all activated channels to clients preferred reporting format on a periodic basis.

Activate Channel Performance Reporting for all internal and third-party payment channels for individual reporting on each channel as well as holistic reporting and comparative analysis of channel performance.


Establish and provide a rigorous reconciliation of cash collected and delivered by conducting daily audit trails that trace the sequential and detailed transactions relating collection items to the bank statements.

Verify that all cash received have been deposited.